Now that Parliament is falling, the Kallan people are distracted from the oncoming threat that desires to end all existence. The Magistrate has seen the aftermath, but knows precious little of this unseen enemy. There are those who stand to defend the powerless. The Armada soldiers, Poison-tasters and religious warriors – to name a few – would rise up and face the Rage with teeth bared and weapons drawn. There are just as many who would willingly join the Rage. The howling of the Ragechildrene will drown out the battle cries of the priests and the Guardians will fall. The Undoing is upon us.

Enter the galaxy of Vernex Keep where the Kallan race are struggling to keep their government from falling, where the savage Groon have fought to make their own way in the ashes of their destroyed homeworld, and where the enigmatic Limthrakk hold their excesses over everyone else’s heads, and where the hybrid struggle to find a sense of self-worth and identity in an unforgiving land that opens few doors for them. It’s a place of action, of intrigue, of adventure, of discovery and of mysticism, for even the religious know more than they are sharing. Prepare yourselves, travelers, for theses worlds are not what you are used to.

These are the Worlds of Rage.

“Worlds of Rage” is an non-D20 original role-playing experience brought to you by the engineers at United Sight Studios.


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Worlds of Rage: Faded Whispers

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