Nonviolent rebellious teens in way over their heads


Neurogues are young information peddlers with a checkered past that seek to do something good with the wicked skills they learned from actions before. Just because they want to atone for the sins of their past doesn’t mean they don’t want to enjoy a good life now. They may not steal money from tourists anymore but that doesn’t mean they won’t blackmail a politician if they think they can profit from it. In this case, they learn of a rather successful businessman who ran into a bit of trouble at work and found a way to exploit it.


Neurogues are the nonviolent offshoot of the terroristic Sky Pirates. Having once been amongst their ranks, Neurogues are the ones that realized the real terror was not on the streets but in the halls of Parliament and that violence alone would not do anything to make the worlds any better. Going out on their own, the Neurogues learned to affect change through surveillance, deception and a more than fair amount of luck. Being young and a young organization in the worlds, they have their eye on all the newest forms of technology and how they can be used to help improve their mission.


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